Detecting and disrupting organised fraud

By providing a range of services to the IFB, MIB supports their work to detect and disrupt organised insurance scams that could potentially cost millions of pounds. It has a particular focus on 'Crash for Cash' scams and has helped in a significant number of successful prosecutions.

Raising awareness, protecting the public and reporting to Cheatline

One of the IFB’s priorities is to raise public awareness of insurance fraud, encouraging reports to its Cheatline service and helping the public to identify the signs of potential fraud. MIB communications support plays a big role in helping the IFB get its messages to the public through the media and other routes.

Providing MIB services

The MIB assists the IFB by providing core management support services to underpin the IFB's operational team’s counter-fraud work. Human resources, finance and risk and compliance roles all help the IFB to focus on its core priorities.


Contact Details:


Cheatline: 0800 422 0421