Why subscribe to an askMID account

  • It is beneficial if your organisation makes multiple enquiries on askMID every year.
  • There is no need to fill in the form every time you wish to make an enquiry. 
  • Each subscription lasts for the full year and there is an option to renew at the end of this period.  

How to apply for an account

Apply on the askMID website registration page. You will be asked for the following information.

  • your organisation information 
  • a nominated Key Account User (KAU) who will be our primary contact and responsible for adding and removing users

The use of this facility is subject to the askMID terms of use.

Subscription fee

Once you have been sent approval of the account and we have received the annual subscription, which is currently £265, your users will be able to make enquiries for the next 12 months.