If you know the insurer of the UK vehicle

If you know the name of the insurance company of the UK vehicle then you can find out who the Claims Representative is in your country.   The Claims Representative will be able to help you with your claim so that you don't have to contact the UK insurer directly.  

To find the Claims Representative in any EEA country for any UK Insurer, please go to www.midis.org.uk and choose the second option on the menu.

If you don't know the insurer of the UK vehicle

If you don’t know the name of the UK insurance company but you have the vehicle registration details, then we may be able to find this information for you. Please contact our UK Information Centre on ukinfocentre@mib.org.uk and provide:

  • the Vehicle Registration Mark of the UK vehicle
  • the date of the accident
  • the country where accident took place
  • your contact details