Our Strategy

MIB’s CSR strategy is focussed on four key areas: Community, Workplace, Marketplace and Environment. Our team of volunteers from across the business continue to drive and support the strategy, working hard to ensure CSR principles always remain part of the business operations.

  1. The Children's Trust

    We are proud of our long established partnership with the Children's Trust and since the start of our relationship in 2008, we have raised over £140,000 alone through staff fundraising.

    These activities include entering corporate teams into marathons, Three Peaks Challenge and workplace events.

    The Children's Trust is the UK's leading charity for children with brain injury, some of which were suffered as the result of road traffic accidents.  

    The Children's Trusts aims are synergistic with our mission to compensate people fairly and promptly, which includes looking after their rehabilitation needs where appropriate.

    For more information visit their website at https://www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk/

  2. Our staff and the local community

    We are proud of our position as a responsible large employer within Milton Keynes, and encourage a culture of local community engagement.

    We arrange regular opportunities for our workforce to take part in activities that benefit the local community such as maintenance of local woodland.

  3. The environment

    MIB is committed to operating in a manner that is sympathetic to the environmental impact created by its day to day operations.

    We continue to increase employee awareness of our environmental impact in areas such as energy usage, carbon emissions and waste. 

    As an expanding organisation the reduction of our carbon footprint presents a challenge, however we continue to assess electricity usage and replace equipment with energy efficient products ensuring our working environment operates as efficiently as possible.


  4. Marketplace

    MIB works to compensate victims of uninsured and 'hit and run' drivers fairly and promptly. Everyone we deal with is protected by our customer charter.

    We measure our performance through a customer engagement index which continues to produce positive results.

    Customers who mislead insurers in order to obtain a falsely low price for their insurance policy pose a serious problem. Like all insurance fraud, this costs the honest customer.

    The work we have done with ABI (The Association of British Insurers) and DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licence Agency) to successfully deliver the MyLicence enquiry service, which went live in September 2015, helps to tackle this. 

    For further information /managing-insurance-data/mib-hub/mylicence/

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