Before making a claim

We may be able to help you if your accident either:

  • Happened in the European Economic Area (EEA) which covers the European Union plus Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein, or Switzerland, or
  • Happened in another country in the Green Card system and involved a vehicle based in an EEA country

You may be able to pursue your claim against insurer representatives in the UK, or against the MIB.

Find out if the driver is insured

You should find out if the driver of the other vehicle is insured and which insurance company provides the cover. Obtaining the other driver’s insurance details is usually done at the roadside at the time of the accident but if that wasn’t possible obtain as many details as you can about the driver and the vehicle.

You can contact the UK Information Centre

If you have the registration number of the foreign vehicle but no insurance details, you can contact the UK Information Centre (part of MIB) who will make enquiries on your behalf to identify the foreign insurers and their UK claims representatives.   The UK Information Centre can be contacted by emailing: or by calling 01908 830001. 

The UK Information Centre also accepts enquiries from other EEA member states who request insurance details of UK vehicles. These enquiries should be emailed to:

When does MIB get involved?

When the UK representative of a foreign insurer is identified, the claim should be dealt with by them.  However, the MIB will intervene or provide help if you are having problems, specifically if once you have lodged your claim, the foreign insurer's representative fails to provide a "reasoned reply" to your claim within three months.

Cases involving uninsured and untraced vehicles abroad are handled by the MIB in its capacity as the UK Compensation Body. MIB will act as the representative of its equivalent in the country where the accident occurred to obtain any compensation you are entitled to.

Include lots of information when making your claim

When presenting your claim, include all the information available about the foreign registered vehicle.  For example, foreign registered lorries may have different registration numbers on the front and back of the lorry. Ideally you should have the registration number from the front of the cab. If you haven’t got this but have the number on the trailer (often different) then send that together with any other information about the lorry, its country of origin and the names on it.

Contact your own insurers

You should contact your own insurers as your insurance policy requires all accidents to be reported.

You should also notify your travel insurers especially if you or one of your party is injured and requires medical treatment.

Information about driving abroad

You will also find additional useful information about driving abroad on the Council of Bureaux.