1. Report the incident to the police

For us to be able to deal with a claim for damage to your vehicle or other property, you must report the incident to the police within five days of the accident. For claims for injury this must be done within 14 days. Where it is not possible to comply with these time limits, the matter must be reported to the police as soon as reasonably possible.

2. Make enquiries

The nature of hit and run accidents is that identification of the driver responsible for the accident is very difficult. You should, however, make enquiries to see if you can identify the driver. Check details of the accident with the police and, if any information is available, try making contact with the other driver if that is appropriate.

If you cannot identify the driver, try to identify the vehicle involved through any registration number you have been given. To make a claim for property damage you must be able to identify the vehicle that caused the accident.

3. Contact your own insurer

Contact your own insurance provider because:

  • If you have comprehensive cover then your own insurer should deal with your vehicle damage claim.
  • Your insurance policy requires all accidents to be reported.
  • Your insurer may be able to trace the other driver or their insurers.
  • Your insurer also has access to the Motor Insurance Database which may contain details of the driver’s insurers. You can also check the insurance details yourself by visiting www.askMID.com.

If your vehicle has been damaged try to get two estimates, but if the vehicle is not drivable one will be enough.    

The law requires all innocent victims of accidents to mitigate their loss. This means that victims must do what they reasonably can to minimise the loss they incur.