Try and discover if there is an insurer

Before submitting a claim to MIB solicitors should make every effort to discover if there is an insurer of the other vehicle and, if so, the identity of the insurer. This should include searching the MID (Motor Insurance Database) using askMID.

Make sure the claim falls within the scope of the Agreements

The identification of a registered keeper for the vehicle may not in itself constitute identification of the offending motorist.

Unfortunately, we have to return a high proportion of claims received directly from solicitors. You can avoid this by ensuring that your claim falls within the scope of the agreements and fully completing the claim form.

Make sure your client’s claim falls within the scope of the Uninsured Drivers’ Agreement.  You can read the Agreement and the notes for guidance in full and download your own copies.

Conditional Assignment Form

If required, you can download a conditional assignment form to print off and fill out by hand.

Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Claims

The website provides information on how to submit claims (valued up to £25,000) within this the scope of the Pre-Action Protocol and also provides a link to the Claims Portal.

If the defendant’s vehicle is found on the MID, please give details of the enquiries you have made with the insurer/broker on the Claim Notification Form (CNF) and send as much additional documentation as possible.

Please ensure that Section 5 is completed fully because this is a mandatory field.

The protocol does not apply to claims where the defendant’s vehicle is registered outside the UK.

Claims that fall outside the Claims Portal

Claims that fall outside the scope of the Claims Portal, can be submitted direct to the MIB.

To submit a claim to the MIB you should download a claim form or complete the online claim form.   Please read the Guide to making an MIB claim on this page and ensure your claimant has read this guide also.

For postal applications please attach supporting documentation to show the enquiries you have made about the vehicle, and communications with the driver you believe to be responsible.

Please also provide copies of any documents or information exchanged at the scene of the accident.  

Section 6 on the claim form provides a check list of the information we require.

Please also ensure that the declaration on Page 7 is completed and signed.