If you know who the foreign insurer is

If you have the name of the foreign insurer or a Green Card number, check whether there is a UK agent for the foreign insurer using the UK Correspondents of Foreign Insurers page. This will provide you with the relevant contact details in order for you to pursue your claim in the UK.

Please note this only applies for UK accidents. For accidents which have occurred abroad you should contact the UK Information Centre at MIB at information@mib.org.uk

If there is an agent you should direct the claim to them. If there is no agent identified, you should complete an MIB claim form.    Please read the booklet Guide to making a Motor Insurers' Bureau claim on this page before you complete the form. 

Send the claim form to MIB with copies of all information given to you by the driver of the foreign registered vehicle. This may include a copy of their Green Card.

Include all the information available about the foreign registered vehicle.  For example foreign registered lorries may have different registration numbers on the front and back of the lorry. Ideally you should have the registration number from the front of the cab. If you haven’t got this but have the number on the trailer (often different) then send that together with any other information about the lorry, its country of origin and the names on it.


Contact your own insurers

You should contact your own insurers as your insurance policy requires all accidents to be reported. If you have a comprehensive policy it is usually much quicker to claim under that policy than through the MIB under the Green Card scheme. You should discuss this with your insurers. 

Collect as much information as you can about your losses. If you do not have a comprehensive policy or choose not to use it, you should try to get two estimates for repair of your vehicle. If the vehicle is not drivable, one will be enough. Do not delay your claim while waiting for estimates to arrive. MIB can arrange to have your vehicle inspected by an independent engineer if necessary. 


If the claim cannot be agreed

If the claim cannot be agreed, you are entitled to issue legal proceedings.   You may wish to obtain advice from a solicitor to do this.

Information check list

When making a claim to the MIB or to a UK agent, please ensure that you provide all the available information which should include where possible:

  • The name of the foreign insurer
  • Owner or policyholder's name
  • Driver's name, address and contact  details
  • Vehicle registration number (in particular  the registration number of the cab unit of the vehicle, if a lorry)
  • Policy or Green Card number and photocopies of any documents provided in relation to the accident
  • Accident date and exact location
  • Accident circumstances