MIB Hub’s secure link

All authorised insurers will be able to supply and access NCD information securely via the MIB Hub.  

Quick, easy and accurate

Access to the database can be at point of quote, point of sale or post sale, for the purposes of data enrichment or data validation. 

When you renew your insurance and you want to move to a new motor insurance provider, the NCD database enables the new insurer to verify your no claims discount directly from the database. Details provided by the database include the number of discount years and whether these are protected, guaranteed or standard.  


  • Accurate pricing and a more efficient process 
  • Better customer experience through improved convenience
  • Combatting fraud 

Your data

Access to NCD data is provided on the basis of a closed user group. This means that insurance companies must supply NCD data in order to request NCD data. Data supplied is fully traceable and auditable. Organisations that supply data must be accredited. This means that insurers have greater security and can have confidence in the NCD data supplied by the MIB Hub. Speculative enquires on the database are not allowed and data obtained from the database cannot be used for marketing.

Click here to learn more about how MIB processes your personal data when your details have been provided by another party.

Find out more

Download our roadmap for 2015 and beyond to find out more (pdf).