1. Accounts Assistant

I have worked at MIB as an Accounts Assistant since 2007. My main duty is processing the payroll however I also assist the Accounts team with some of their day-to-day functions. This makes my role varied and challenging.

The Bureau is very focused on personal development and with the Bureau’s support I have achieved my AAT qualification which has been hugely beneficial to me within my role. I have also attended several courses to enable me to stay up to date with current legislation. This assists me immensely and helps me to do my job. 

The Bureau is constantly moving forward and the new projects which are taken on are really interesting. I enjoy working for an organisation that recognises and rewards commitment and hard work as this encourages a loyal and friendly environment.

2. Internal Auditor

I joined MIB as a Trainee Claims Handler.  My first three months were spent learning about the insurance industry, MIB’s role within it and practical training on how the claims floor operates and processes customer claims.   It was a lot of information to take in however the nature of the training linked the core knowledge to the practical application of claims handling.  When training was complete we were assigned to a claims team where we had specific referral buddies to help with any questions and to provide guidance and support when needed.

MIB runs its own Claims Academy (accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute) to help learning and to develop the skills of its employees.  The academy provides learning books to progress knowledge of all aspects of motor claims from minor collisions to catastrophic ones, including the complications that can arise and affect the innocent victim.  Within my first year I started to progress through this academy, to widen my knowledge and work towards a promotion.    As well as this MIB encouraged and funded further learning for me with the CII.  Although this required a few hours a week of study the MIB supplemented it by providing study hours within work and leave for my Cert CII exam.

Aside from academic learning there are also opportunities to progress within MIB, either within the claims department, or into other areas of the business.  There are often opportunities to undertake secondments within other departments.  I took advantage of a two year secondment into the Audit Department, which has turned into a permanent position.  It was a big change to the work I had previously undertaken, and it was certainly challenging.  

Since I joined the Audit Team it has doubled in size and so has the scope of the work we undertake because of the client companies that we now work with.  The role gives me opportunities to work with different areas of the business and, with the support of my manager and team members, I have become more confident and feel encouraged to keep progressing.

Recently the MIB offered funding to study for a Diploma in Auditing with the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors; the course is an enormous help to the work I undertake on a daily basis and I find myself referring to the course books when developing new audit programs. 

Whilst working at MIB, I have been provided with continuous support and encouragement to reach my goals and progress my skills.  Aside from the excellent opportunities I have been provided with academically, the atmosphere, employees and social benefits are what really make the MIB a great place to work.  

3. Claims Handler

I joined the Bureau in March 2009 as a Trainee Claims Handler.  I joined a comprehensive training programme with the Learning and Development team who are on hand to assist throughout.     

After this I began working in a claims team where on-going support was offered by the Learning and Development team as well as an allocated ‘referral buddy’ from my team. 

Having progressed through the grades and I decided that I would like to gain a professional qualification and commenced the Cert CII qualification.  I had already successfully completed various MIB claims academy workbooks during my grade progression and as these are accredited by the CII it meant that I started off with 30 out of the 45 points needed for the qualification.  I achieved the Cert CII in August 2012.

My development continues, as I am now studying towards the CII Diploma.

The Bureau put great emphasis on continuous development and they support you with every step of your journey.

4. Contact Centre agent

I joined MIB in October 2012 and I work as a Contact Centre Representative on the Police Helpline and CIE (Continuous Insurance Enforcement). We offer roadside assistance to police officers who need to verify insurance for vehicles that have been stopped. We also offer advice to members of the public who have received an Insurance Advisory Letter and need more information on compliance with the CIE legislation.

I’ve worked in Contact Centres for 5 years but the MIB particularly appealed to me as the work we do has a huge impact on combating uninsured vehicles on the road and this is very rewarding!

Since working at the Bureau I have become involved in training and welcoming new employees to the Contact Centre; this has been a brilliant experience. I feel that the MIB are interested in me as an individual and I have been given opportunities to study for qualifications which are recognised in the insurance industry. Recently I completed the FIT (Foundation Insurance Test) and have subsequently passed my first exam towards achieving the Cert CII (Certificate in Insurance). Armed with these qualifications I hope to develop myself further at the MIB and look forward to what the future holds.