A centre of excellence

The Bureau is continually striving to be a Centre of Excellence and we recognise that our employees are key to our success. 

An equal opportunities employer

MIB is an equal opportunities employer and ensures that development opportunities are available to all our employees. We are committed to supporting our employees to develop their skills and knowledge and to enable them to deliver high levels of performance to achieve the strategic objectives and meet the challenges that the organisation faces.

Recognising achievement

Attention is also given to recognising achievement and rewarding employees when their level of contribution is over and above what is expected of them.   In addition to our generous benefits package, our reward and recognition scheme enables us to do this on an annual, monthly and ad hoc basis.

An Investor in People

During 2013 MIB was re-accredited as an Investor in People and the assessors report stated: ‘MIB has a clear strategic mission, a set of values that govern the way it operates, a strong commitment to continuous improvement and a passionate, motivated and loyal workforce. As a result, the organisation has a fantastic culture, within which honesty and transparency is evident at all levels’.

This reinforces MIB’s on-going commitment to learning and development. 

The MIB values are at the heart of the organisation and support the vision of making the Bureau a Centre of Excellence. 

Engaged staff

We understand that good communication is essential for the business and have a number of processes in place to ensure that employees are engaged in the business and can understand the activities within the Group.

Employees are kept up to date through formal and informal meetings, regular briefings, updates on the Group intranet and the publication of the Group newsletter.

We also seek regular feedback from employees through a variety of forums, including our employee liaison group and employee surveys.