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The MIB claim form covers all claims under the Untraced Drivers Agreement, Uninsured Drivers Agreement and the Green Card Scheme.

Please read our booklet "Motor Insurers’ Bureau, Making a Claim: A Brief Guide", which gives important information about the Motor Insurers' Bureau and making a claim.

Option 1 - Submit a claim on-line
If you have already registered, please login here.

If you are claiming for yourself, a member of your family and are unlikely to submit a claim again,  you need to register to use our online claim submission facility. 

If you are claiming on behalf of a client or your organisation and would like to request a permanent login to use our online claim submission facility as you are likely to submit claims in the future, please  download our online login request form.

Option 2 - Download a claim form 
Download a claim form to print off and fill out by hand.

Conditional Assignment Form 
Download a conditional assignment form to print off and fill out by hand.

Low Value Personal Injury Claims
Agreed in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice, there is an electronic portal in place to streamline low value personal injury claims valued between £1,000- £25,000. This process has been designed to enable faster agreement on liability and payment of low cost Road Traffic Accident (RTA) injury claims. For further information, or if your injury case falls between £1,000 and £25,000, please visit

Conditional Assignment FormRead more ...Download Now
Making a Claim, A Brief Guide - BookletRead more ...Download Now