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askMID is a website which enables you to make enquiries of the MID.

It accesses the MID in realtime. This is the same MID which the police access - but the police (and other corporate users) receive more detailed information from the database.

askMID currently offers two services:

  • ownvehicle (free of charge)
  • theothervehicle (small charge)

ownvehicle -  enables you to check that the vehicle you intend to drive is currently on the database. By entering the Registration Number of the vehicle, the presence of a policy will be confirmed by displaying "YES" and in some cases by confirming the make/model of the vehicle (if this information is provided by the Insurer).

It is important to note that if you believe you are insured, but no record is found on the MID, then you should get in touch with the Insurer or the person responsible for insuring the vehicle to ensure the MID is updated. If you do not do this you are at risk of being suspected of driving uninsured, and therefore at risk of being stopped by the police and possibly have your car seized. See MID and the Police.

theothervehicle - enables you to check on the vehicle you have had an accident with. Entering the Registration Number of the vehicle and the accident date will let you know if the othervehicle has details on the MID, and if so, will provide the Insurance details (Name of Insurer and policy number).

If you have queries about askMID please contact