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Welcome to the Motor Insurers' Bureau

MIB Group consists of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and subsidiary companies Tracing Services Limited, MIB Management Services Limited and MIB Portal Services Limited.

Our Group mission is to operate as a centre of excellence to:
   -  Significantly reduce the level and impact of uninsured driving in the UK
   -  Compensate victims of uninsured and untraced drivers fairly and promptly
   -  Provide first class asset management and specialist
claims services

Our members
Any company offering motor insurance in the UK must be a member of the Motor Insurers' Bureau. As a member they will contribute to the MIB levy and supply data to the Motor Insurance Database. This website contains our member list of valid UK motor insurers.

Been involved in a motor accident with an uninsured/untraced driver?
Check whether the other vehicle is insured using our service
   -  For an accident with a foreign vehicle in the UK, you can 
locate the UK representative of a foreign insurer on this website  
   -  For accidents that have occurred abroad, please contact the UK Information Centre at MIB
   -  In the event of a UK uninsured /untraced motor accident,
submit a claim to MIB

New MIB Agreements

The Uninsured Drivers’ Agreement and supplementary agreement to the Untraced Drivers’ Agreement were signed on 3 July 2015 and will be in force for accidents on or after 1 August 2015. 


The new Uninsured Drivers’ Agreement text, Notes for Guidance and Correlation Table can be found here.   The supplementary agreement to the Untraced Drivers’ Agreement can be found here.


The Motor Insurance Database (MID)
The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is the central record of all insured vehicles in the UK. Managed by MIB, the MID is used by the Police and the DVLA to enforce motor insurance law - ensuring that vehicles driven on our roads are insured at all times.  For more information about Continuous Insurance Enforcement law and to check your vehicle has a valid insurance policy on the MID, visit